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About Us


Joyful. Whimsical. Tasteful. Inspired.

At Robot Bunnies, modern design meets artisanal technique in whimsical and wonderful lifestyle products for humans big and small. Developed with style, humor and heart. Handmade with precision in the USA and featuring fine fabrics and inspired patterns by indie artists around the globe. 


I'm Nikki Gersten McAvity, Founder & Design Director of Robot Bunnies. I grew up in NYC in the 70’s, when you could still have an entire city block to yourself on a sleepy summer Sunday. My Mom, a magazine-editor turned beauty-industry exec, painted every wall in our apartment a different color and threw Marx Brothers parties a la Annie Hall.

Through her, I was exposed early to a captivating world of Creatives - graphic and fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, clothing and hair stylists. It was a time before Photoshop, when those magical beings known as Art Directors were surrounded by towering tiers of fat, intoxicating magic markers in every shade of everything and people still ate lunch at restaurants like the Brasserie and Gino’s – with its famous red & zebra-print, Scalamandre wallpaper.

Living in Manhattan, I was also fortunate to experience epic art exhibits. Picasso at the Met, Georgia O’keefe and Mike Kelley’s stuffed-animal sculptures at the MOMA, Dan Flavin’s fluorescent lights at the Guggenheim, the astonishing quilts of the ladies from Gee’s Bend at the Whitney and the quietly beautiful Vermeers standing sentry at the Frick. These and more made an indelible impression on me.

Given all of this, it’s likely unsurprising that I’ve always held a deep sense of awe for art, design and the people who create things. For 20+ years, I took a turn in my Mom’s world as a beauty and fashion publicist, pouring my own creative energy mostly into press releases and my wardrobe. While I enjoyed it thoroughly, I always dreamed of becoming a maker of things myself.

Ultimately, I left NY, got married and had my son (now 10). Along the way, I tinkered with various ideas for what I might do. Robot Bunnies gradually came into view. The business allows me to do what I love and believe I am good at i.e. curating, combining and shining a spotlight on inspired designs by amazing artists. I use those designs as the basis for my own creations – unique (and hopefully fabulous) takes on everyday lifestyle items produced with old-school integrity and attention to detail by myself and a small cadre of other sewing specialists.

In a world of disposable goods, Robot Bunnies items aim to become those purchases you never regret, the ones that always bring a smile and get even better over time.