Robot Bunnies

About Us


At Robot Bunnies, we believe in the power and magic of blankies.  After all, how many objects can instantly inspire feelings of love, warmth, soothing and safety like a beloved blankie?  We're committed to making the most scrumptious blankies imaginable and to sharing the love by donating a blankie to a child in need for every one we sell.


I’m Nikki Gersten McAvity. After 22 years in beauty and fashion PR, I decided to break into blankies. Why? The strange truth is that I'm uniquely suited to the blankie biz. As a kid, I was the ultimate blankie-toting thumb sucker. As an adult, I still have, sleep with and take great comfort from my baby blanket (aka Woobie). When I became a parent, I had an adorable, but colic-y and challenging boy, my beloved Simon. Surprise! He turned out to be a blankie kid too. Seeing the comfort Simon's blankie brought to him, made me want to share the love. I know that Simon and I are not alone. Since starting Robot Bunnies, many people have shared their own stories of the childhood lovies they cherish still. Clearly, these treasures hold an awesome energy for good in the world. 


Our crave-worthy blankies are for the savvy parent, care and/or gift giver who refuses to sacrifice style for snugglitude. With luxurious feeling fabrics, saturated, spot-on colors and a chic, vintage edge, there’s simply no parent who wouldn’t want to receive one and no child who wouldn’t want to own one.