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What Do I Need for a Baby Nursery?

The Negotiable & The Non-Negotiable

When I was pregnant with my son, 10 years ago now, I was so obsessed with labor and birth (home/water birth vs. hospital birth, midwife vs. OB-Gyn, doula vs. no doula) that I gave almost no thought to what would happen next — i.e. the reality of actually having a baby.

Yes, I had a nursery set up with things people told me I needed and, in many cases, generously provided. I even had things I thought I wanted, like a specific brand of eco-diapers and loads of adorable onesies.

Truthfully, nothing can truly prepare you for suddenly having a baby, but – with the benefit of a keen memory, 20/20 hindsight and a bit of humor – I’m going to try.

The Non-Negotiable

Sweet, Pretty Things That Make YOU Happy – Remember, you’re going to clock serious time in this room and the baby doesn’t know what’s up yet. So, choose what you love for bedding & décor.

Rug– The cushioning allows you to get out QUIETLY when the baby finally falls asleep. We used Flor Carpet Tiles – a good-looking and relatively inexpensive solution.

Comfy Rocker or Glider with a Pillow for Lumbar Support – Don’t be tempted to sacrifice comfort for style on this one. You’ll regret it.😊

Comfy rocking chair in baby nurseryLooks comfy, doesn't it?

Black-Out Shades- These keep the greatest amount of light out. At nap time in particular, they will serve you well for years to come.

Crib - We had the Oeuf NYC Sparrow Crib and I still think it’s a beauty but, of course, get what you love.

Changing Table with Storage - When changing a baby, it's best to have diapers and clean onesies close at hand. So, a changing table with drawer space below is most efficient. 

Changing table in baby nurseryThis is the one we used and STILL have. (My husband and I have both used it in our various offices over the years.)

Baby Monitor – We used ours for the first 2-3 years and traveled with it. Invaluable!

Diaper Genie – The most amazing invention of the 20th century – holds a buttload of diapers and removes all odor.

Wipes Warmer – Sounds superfluous but…how would you like to have someone come into your room in the middle of the night and take a cold damp cloth to your privates?

Bottle Warmer – Even if you plan to breastfeed, you will likely be pumping and refrigerating milk. We found it easier to have the bottle warmer in the nursery than the kitchen because it allows you to pick up and soothe the baby while the milk warms rather than listen to him/her scream from the kitchen where you can’t help.

Night Light – So many cute options out there! Check out this bunny-shaped one (just saying).

Swaddles – Swaddling is a lifesaver for getting a baby to go to sleep and stay asleep and keeps him/her warm while still too young to have blankets in the crib.

Gear - A few select toys, stuffies and books.

Humidifier/Nose Frida/Ear Thermometer – You’ll be happy you have these when baby gets his/her first cold.

    The Negotiable

    Sound Machine– Babies find white noise very soothing. We lived for our sound machine (on rainstorm setting) and used it for years.

    sound machine for baby nursery

    Babies (and parents) love sleeping with sound machines.

    – We weren’t a mobile family but, if you are, go for it.

    Bumper – There is a lot of controversy over the safety of using bumpers in cribs. We did use a bumper in my son’s because I was afraid he’d hit his little head on the crib slats but follow what you think is best.

    Wallpaper – For me, wallpaper adds a magical quality to a child’s room and becomes the background motif for your memories. We had the most wonderful wallpaper in my son’s room, and I will never forget it. 

    Binkies – You won’t know until you get your baby whether or not you have a binky kid on your hands. If you do (like us), then you will want a good stash of your baby’s binky-of-choice in the nursery.

    Multicolored baby binkies
    Twin bed – We kept a twin bed in the nursery so that my husband and I could take turns sleeping in there while the other one got some real sleep in our room. It’s one way to do things.

      I hope this list provides you with practical help for planning your baby’s room as well as a glimpse into the kinds of things you’ll soon be consumed with.

      At Robot Bunnies, we’re wishing you an easy labor, the happiest, healthiest baby and, of course, a great sleeper. We know without doubt that he or she will be the most adorable.

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